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River of Life Worship Center was birthed out of Crossfire Christian Fellowship. Crossfire Christian Fellowship A non denominational Church was formed by a group of people in 1997 who had separated from a denominational church after the denomination took a non biblical stance on a social issue. The group sought out a pastor, the churches first Pastor was Steve Martin. During that time the church was in a rented building in Pittsburg. Pastor Martin had to resign due to physical issues. At that time Pastors Geoff and Jennifer Bretchers agreed to take the church on an interim basis making them the second pastors of the church. The church had moved to a rented building on Parsons St in Colebrook at that time. After the interim period passed pastor Geoff decided not to take the church on a full time basis. (9/21/1999) It was at this time that the name of the Church was changed to Crossfire Christian Fellowship River of Life at pastor Geoffs suggestion. At that time Pastors Rick and Dale Fenoff agreed to conduct Sunday services for the church during this time Pastor Dianne Fillion was also doing some of the pastoral work. After an interim period Pastor Rick Fenoff was voted in as pastor making him the third pastor of the church. (8/19/2000)During this period the Church just began using the name River of Life Christian Fellowship. In December of 2000 Pastor Shirley Stevens and her Husband Charles O Stevens took over the church as the fourth pastors of the church. At this time the church began to grow due to tent revivals that were conducted by Pastor Shirley. Due to the growth the church moved into a rented building at 23 Gould St in Colebrook. It was during this time period that Crossfire Christian Fellowship was dissolved as a corporation and the ministry came under Shirley Stevens Ministries Inc. At this time the church started using the name River of Life Worship Center. In September of 2008 Pastors Rick and Michelle Goss were called to take the church, Pastor Shirley was asking to step down and be released to traveling Ministry. In December of 2008 the Church was incorporated under the name River of Life Ministries Inc and continued to use the name River of Life Worship Center. On January 9th 2009 The Church was affiliated under Christ for The Nations Fellowship of Ministers And Churches Dallas TX as its Covering. In May of 2010 The Church facility at 23 Gould St was completely destroyed by an explosion in the building. The church continued to hold services at the Canaan Methodist Church until August of 2010 when it purchased renovated and moved into this facility. By the Grace of God this Church has survived a rocky start and an explosive past and we are grateful to all who have labored to make this place possible. Thank you all and praise be to the Lord for the things He has done!