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 on: November 01, 2016, 04:13:20 AM 
Started by rottiforyou - Last post by rottiforyou
  I have been forced to lock the board. One of the main reasons for this, was spam that was being posted.
   Also not enough users to warrant it staying open. Maybe the board will reopen.
    Thanks for understanding and have a blessed day.

 on: August 15, 2012, 05:22:22 PM 
Started by rottiforyou - Last post by rottiforyou
   If I have banned your IP because it was found on a list of IP's for spammers, or you posted, posts that are not allowed here, nor are they wanted.
   Attempting to access the form daily will not change this. The bans are based off your IP that was looked up, and your post. This is NOT a temp ban,
   and coming back tomorrow or the next day will not find it changed. Trying a different user name will not change the ban. It is ISP, and IP based.
       I do not believe in denying people who seek out the word of God, and I wont deny anyone that, coming here to post messages that are not christian
    related, (ads,websites, and what not) gets you banned, and there are no warnings. You will have better luck else where accessing a form that you can
    post your ads, and websites to, as it wont be allowed here. You are banned because you are not coming here seeking out the word of God, but instead
    are coming here to try to trash the form and claim it as your own. That again is not going to happen here.
       Thank you and have a blessed day.

 on: July 03, 2012, 03:52:13 PM 
Started by rottiforyou - Last post by rottiforyou
From Admin,
    Welcome all who may come here to chit chat. We at ROLWC will not put up with any vulgar words,bullying or any kind of abuse on here.
    The form will be monitored daily, to remove any post that does not adhere to the rules of ROLWC. Their rules and what we believe are
     posted in the main website. To view the complete form you must make an account with a valid email, the reason being is fake accounts and bot
     created accounts are only used for one reason, and you will not find any of that content here. Only the word of God, no spam, no ads of any kind.
        Please enjoy your stay and visit often. May you have a blessed day in His name, and we hope to greet you at worship. If you would like an account
     for the form just send me an email (rottiforyou2@aol.com), I will make you an account and email you your user name and password. After you log into your
     account you will be able to change your password. This is being done this way, because of the spider bots, and the ones whom wish to abuse the form.
           Thank you for understanding.
              Thank you
                  ADMIN   Roll Eyes

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